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Automate image editing functions to multiple photos
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As its name clearly indicates, BatchPhoto has been designed to let you choose any number of actions and perform them on any number of image files in just one go. The possibilities are multifold, and they range from cropping or resizing your photos to retouching or applying creative filters to them. You can combine them in any way you need and apply all those changes to your entire photo collection, regardless of their file format.

It is precisely the amount of image file types supported one of the great assets that first surprises new users. Think of all well-known RAW formats, all the most common image file types, and a long list of less and even rare photo file formats and you’ll end up with a fraction of the list of supported types included in BatchPhoto. The list is simply impressive. Next, you’ll be happily surprised by the range of “filters” that you can combine with your batch-editing processes. Though we tend to think mainly of creative effects when confronted with a list of “filters”, BatchPhoto includes here all possible transformations, effects, changes, and enhancements that you can apply to your photos.

Batch processing is at the basis of everything the program does. Making the most of your multi-core CPU and the multi-threading technology, the program is capable of processing thousands of images in one single operation. Note, however, that the larger the amount of images it has to deal with and the larger their size (i.e., RAW files), the bigger the chances that errors might occur in the shape of artifacts. You can minimize that by breaking your photo collection into smaller groups (by format, size, DPI, etc.) and by using the program’s “Auto folder watch” feature, which will process any new images as they are stored in a folder of your choice.

You can rename photos using more meaningful names, convert images between formats, preserve their metadata in the process, create PDF photo albums, add borders and watermarks to personalize your creations, annotate, add comments to them, and perform all the most common edits (rotate, resize, crop, replace colors, correct lighting errors, etc.) in one go. This is what makes this batch-processing tool stand out from the rest – the possibility of unifying your entire collection at once. You’ll find that some editing controls are not good enough for highly precise jobs, but performing high-precision jobs is not a common thing to do on thousands of pictures at a time.

BatchPhoto comes in three different flavors – Home, Pro, and Enterprise. The Home edition is intended for amateur users who usually deal with the most common photo file formats (such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc.), do not require to use scripts for automated processing, and can live without the Auto Folder Watch feature and some of the less common filters provided. The Auto Folder Watch function and the Windows Server support are the only differences you will find between the Pro and the Enterprise editions, though. Regardless of the version you choose, rest assured that BatchPhoto will surely live up to your expectations and surprise you with its amazing level of flexibility.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Saves your photos in any known format
  • Multi-filter processing
  • One-click final and original photo previews
  • Opens various types of RAW files
  • Multi-thread support
  • Creative effects
  • Wizard-like approach


  • Multi-filter processing of a large number of high-resolution files may produce errors
  • Some editing controls are not suitable for high-precision jobs
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